How to Fix Fukushima

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If we don't, we are Fukushima-ed They call this under control? How to Fix Fukushima. Just add the C after the U. And one gets the Idea. Yes, Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event. We can all focus on the past mistakes and lies that surround the event. Pointing fingers and blaming the authorities, but how does this help? We have a [...]

We are Fukushima-ed

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The Gift that keeps on Giving.We are Fukushima-ed You have just been Fukushima-ed. We are Fukushima-ed We are Fukushima-ed. Just add a "c" after the "u" and before the "k" and you will get the picture. Japan's Gift that keeps on giving. The Fukushima plant is releasing extremely high levels of nuclear radiation directly into the ocean, air, and ground water. That's [...]

Of Glowing Concern

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Fukushima is of Glowing Concern Of Glowing Concern You can't see, smell, taste, feel, or touch it, but this is of Glowing Concern. Radiation from Fukushima has hit the U.S. for over two years. And it's not getting any better. It's in the air, water, and food sources, just about everything one can imagine and we are starting to see the effects [...]

Important Information

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This is Important Information that everyone needs to know. Important InformationChange a Belief, Change Reality Important Information Change a Belief, Change Reality Why? Because it explains how and why our reflected Reality is so, and why things are the way they are. This Important Information outlines the reasons why. We Doowans just found this Important Information and wish to share it with, the reader.

Fukushima, A day at the Beach

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Fukushima, A day at the Beach Fukushima A day at the Beach Here's something we Doowans thought might brighten your day! Fukushima, A day at the Beach. But not in a good way. Now days going to the west coast beaches can be a glow in the dark experience. Two years after Fukushima we are starting to experience the effects for ourselves [...]

The Big Event

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The Big Event. Well December 21, 2012 is just around the corner. Do we need a Big Event to make a Change? If we awake up on December 22, 2012 and we are still alive. Will we just go back to the same old, same old? Will you just wake up to the same old world where nothing has change? If nothing [...]

When it Rains We Glow

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Just when I had hope for rain. When it Rains We Glow I am sorry to have to say this, somebody needs to tell the truth whether its good or bad. At least you'll know why your hair is falling out. So you can stop buying those expensive hair products that won't help. That's good news isn't it and a money saving value? We [...]

Drought Update

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You can not drink from an empty well. This update comes from the Climate Prediction Center written by R. Tinker Latest Seasonal Assessment - Drought covered over 60 percent of the contiguous 48 states as of mid-August 2012, although significant expansion finally halted during the last couple of weeks. Still, almost one-quarter of the country was experiencing extreme to exceptional drought (D3 [...]