CoronaV ~ Biological & Spiritual Warfare ~ This Bugs For YOU!

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In place of using some buzz/clickbaity/possibly censored words, we will simply refer to the above "virus" (you all know which one we are referring to) with the simple acronym: "C19". Additionally, references to the new cellular technology '5_G' are referred to as "5giggity". Also note, sources are referenced at the bottom of this article.

More Beef

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 More Beef and a Whole lot more Hey, it's not my fault.They said the vaccinations were harmless. Horse meat-tainted beef has just left the news. We should be so lucky. US beef meat is packed with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or "superbugs," according to a government study released in February. It's just now getting some attention. Probably because of all the testing for horse [...]

Pick your Poison

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Pick your Poison, They come in a Rainbow of Colors Rainbow of Colors and Flavors Years ago I was a bartender at a local pub. This was a red neck cowboy bar. All the ranchers would come in after working their cows and have a cold one. I remember asking the bar owner if it would be alright if I could wear [...]

The Microwave Ovens Effect

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The Microwave Ovens Effect Pros and Cons The Microwave Ovens Effect Pros and Cons Microwave Effect We Doowans were wondering about the Microwave Ovens effect Pros and Cons and The Microwave Ovens Effect on human beings and the foods we eat. We gathered so much information on the Microwave Oven Pros and Cons that we could fill a book. There are somethings [...]

Aspartame, How Sweet it Is?

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Aspartame, How Sweet it Is? Aspartame How Sweet it Is? Our beloved F.D.A. I can't admit or Deny anything. I can't see anything. What? I can't hear you. Is a follow-up post on Aspartame, Death in a Can.  As the F.D.A. has done it to us again folks. Aspartame is getting a secret face lift from our friends at the F.D.A. Truth [...]

Good Medicine?

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What is Good Medicine? Good MedicineWhat they can't say Coming from a medical background. What is Good Medicine? I found out very early in my career why they call it a medical practice. Simply because that's what they are doing.  It's true that some have a genuine concern for the well fair and health of other people. But the fact remains, it's still [...]

Pepsi the Next Generation

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Pepsi the Next Generation, means more now, than ever before. Let this Doowan warn the reader about Pepsi the Next Generation, If they are easily grossed out or have a weak stomach one probably shouldn't read this. This is no Joke Article that sometimes I LOVE to write. This is real news. Pepsi the Next Generation makes me sick! This is by far the [...]

Aspartame isn’t Death Sweet

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Aspartame Death in a can? Aspartame could be the cause for Depression the number one cause of being Depressed Aspartame is in the News again. A new study found it to be a deadly. In an 11-year study by scientists at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, there was a strong positive correlation found between degeneration of kidney function and consumption [...]

We Are What We Eat

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We Are What We Eat We are What We eat? Do I look like grass to you? We Are What We Eat: Just doesn't apply Anymore! Oh, and so much more. We Are What We Eat as the saying goes, and this is an understatement when ones doesn't know what we are eating. Now days even reading labels doesn't really help.  As [...]

Vaccinations, That is the Question?

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Vaccinations, That is the Question! Vaccinations, That is the Question Are Vaccinations in the readers best interest? Vaccinations that is the Question offers some insight into the answer. Of course you can always ask your doctor, and what do you think he/she will say? Well if their a good doctor with your best interest in heart, the answer should be, "NO!" Then [...]


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Are you Depressed? Depression Depression has many causes. Sometimes it appears life gets in the way of our happiness. Funny not Ha Ha, funny but Hummm funny. The cause may be what you drink. For those that think they are doing the right thing for themselves drinking diet soda. Think again! Here's an article we found that might explain your depression. Of [...]

Big Pharma is Drugging our Children

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When Big Pharma is Drugging our children it's time to speak up! Good Medicine? What they can't say! It has been some time since I have posted, I suppose I have waited for that spark of creativity or an undeniable urge to voice an opinion, perhaps an outrage, or joy-filled event that has to be expressed. I often find that if I [...]